There is “Another Way”.

There is “Another Way”.

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Have you ever pondered, is it true …
that you have to bull-doze your way to be successful?
that the world has scarce resources?
that you always have “not-enough” of everything?

Yiry left college a month ago, with a degree, and stumbled onto a job opportunity.  His first job.  He is 23 and he is excited to work on a good future.  A future which he believes he will sculpt a greater success braving the cynicism in the industry and focus on “get-it-fast, get-it-now” business success concept.

Many of us grow up being told that you have to work your butts out to get what you want in life.  Achieve every goal quick, make your million when you are young and elbow every undesired human beings out of your way so that you climb to the top first.  

There is a song in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) that is a hit in karaoke lounges.  It is so popular and people belt it out with so much gusto, it is more like lashing out at the unjust and inequitable social distribution of wealth.  Everyone who listens to it and those who sing it, uses the song title as their life mantra.  The title of the song is “Fight to Win”.  In the lyrics, it bellowed that 30% of your success is determined by the heavens, and 70% depends on your struggle to live.

But no one ever asked if the statement is true: 
one-third of your life determined by the heavens and you strive most of your life to be successful?

Yiry, somehow, was led to my classes, where we discussed about universal principles of peace and love as expounded in A Course In Miracles.  I always ask participants to share their stories at the beginning of every session.  How had they felt the last one week?  How had they applied the principles?  What were the joyful experiences they had this last week, or perhaps today?

While all these were being said and discussed in the class, Yiry was quietly listening.  Not expressing much during the first two sessions.  At the third session, however, he stood up and he so wanted to share what he learned.  He told the group that for the very first time in his 23 years, that doing business and doing life, he realized now that there is actually “another way”.  There is another way better than fighting and struggling his way to success.

Bingo!  He got it.

There is never one way to do business.  There is never one way to do life.  There is never one way to heaven.  Ask 1,000 people and you will get 1,000 different opinions of heaven.  Likewise, ask any business guru, there is always a new concept by the time you just digested one.

The world is shaped to your liking.  Whatever you think, you make the world.

“Remember always that you see what you seek, for what you seek you will find.”  A Course In Miracles T-12.VII.6

If you believe that you need to “Fight to Win” in everything you do, you will encounter just that.  These are a few of your belief statements: 

“I have to bull-doze my way to success.”
“There is not enough, I got to snatch it to get it.”
“There is always injustice, I better run and get it first before others do.”
“It is better that I survive, I won’t care about how you feel.  Me first.” 

When you “see” these, you will find them, in person, in work, in relationship, everywhere you go.  Is this the world of business that you want to happen?  Isn’t it time to stop and reflect?  Are these statements true?

If not, look to “another way”.  Change your thoughts.

Let’s try these  New Thoughts  :

“I am doing so well, I am happy.”
“My business is successful.  I am ready for more.”
“There are more to come, I am blessed.”
“There is abundance.  I am so glad I am always meeting good people.”

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