I looked at my friend’s shoes.  They seemed to be one size bigger for him.  He looks short and thin, not empowered.  I asked him why did he get himself a shoe that is so much bigger than his feet?  He said he always bought one size bigger, he never knew why.  He is 35 years old. 

Another friend commented that he often sees me in new clothes.  He even said that I have good taste.  Then, suddenly, realizing something himself, he said that he has many shirts and pants that he has worn for more than ten years.  He still wears them because they are wearable, even though some have faded prints and most shirts are already too big for him.  I ask him why didn’t he get himself something fitting and new?  He said that he learned from his dad not to waste things, so shirts are to be worn until they are worn out.  He is almost 50 years old and he runs a multi-million ringgit corporation.

Is there anything wrong wearing a pair of shoes that are one size bigger?  Nope.
Is there anything wrong keeping with old clothes and pants?  Nope.

How you think is how you live.  I cannot and will never want to get into your mind and try to figure out what that means to you.  If the thoughts are about lack, not enough to go around so you have to save, not enough money or the fear of losing money, and the realization that you are a hoarder, then it is time to take stock of your thoughts.

This is the question: if you could shine in abundance everywhere you go, and touch every life with grandeur, why would you want to inspire anything less?

We gather our beliefs from our past experience.   All of us live our present lives based on the assumptions that the past is true.  Our past shapes our present.  

If you don’t change your thoughts about your present, which is based on your past experiences, your future will look exactly like your present, which in fact, never change a bit from your past.

Lesson 1 from A Course In Miracles leaves us to think about the meaning that we put into everything we think and do in the present moment.  Lesson 1 states: “Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.”

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