“Put aside logic.  Do what feels right.”  

Spock, from the future universe, related this time-tested principle to a young Spock who is in the present universe.  This was a dialogue from Star Trek, The Movie.

Isn’t it true that we are so used to using logic to make a decision?  If you pay for this product or service, it must yield a certain result.  The product or service must produce a desired gain.  A gain measured from what you have experienced of the same product in the past.  

If you decide to invest in a business, according to some business plan, you should be making money at a proven percentage at a proven time.  In sales, if you make the proven numbers of cold calls, you will meet a proven numbers of prospects and from the prospect,  a small successful percentage will become your customers.  In an employment, you trust that with the union and a huge corporation, it is proven that you will get job security.

But somehow, many have fallen short of the proven result.  

Keep up with the business even though you are not making ends meet.  Your anger has strained your marriage.  Your insecurity has affected your children.  You know, after ten years, your business is going no where.

Do what feels right:
Close the business and start anew.  Move from a big house to a small apartment.  Trade in your fancy car to a used one.  Eat-in more as a family.  Take things slower and rekindle the romance with your spouse and re-connect with your children.

Many won’t budge.  Save “face”, they say.  How could someone who lives in a big house, drive a fancy car, running a corporation, someone who seems to have it all, now a downtrodden small business owner in a dingy town?  

Why not?  Downtrodden, based on whose theory?  Based on whose belief system?

When I left my business, a ten years venture with two partners, and called it quits, I knew I will not have a fixed income.  While I build up my new career, I needed time.  

I was already feeling stressed out with my previous business, so when I threw in the towel, I was ready.  I have faith that everything will be alright.  I choose to do what’s right for me.  I wanted freedom.  I believe I made the right decision following my heart.

And so for freedom, my faith was stretched.  Just as I walked out of my business, my car was stolen!

First, there was no more income for me, then within a few weeks, my car was stolen.  Instead of lumbering in my misfortune, I was surprisingly cheerful.  No remorse, no blame-game, no regrets.  The first thought that came to me when I could not find my car where it was parked and knew that it was gone, I was, strange as it may sound, relieved.  Now, I have one less item to pay for.  Quickly and calmly, I walked across the street to the police station and made all the necessary reports.

I walked home and immediately went to a friend’s party which I had earlier agreed to attend.  I did not want to miss the fun.  I had a great time with my friends that evening.  The next day, I booked myself the cheapest new manual-driven car available in the market, cut down all my other expenses and moved on – with my head held high with confidence and ready to work my butts out.

That was more than twelve years ago.  Many good things had happened since.  New contract was signed, new work assignments, new opportunities.  Although there were times when I was making much less than before, I was no doubt living the freedom I desire.

As I humble myself to this miraculous journey of life, choosing freedom, happiness and peace, I remember Star Trek’s most famous line: “… Boldly goes where no man has gone before.”

Ponder these  New Thoughts :

  1.  Do what feels right based on how you feel, not how you measure the yield.
  2.  Do what feels right to increase joy in your life, even if you need to minus all the frills.
  3.  Do what feels right to increase soul power.

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