Write to a Fulfilling Life

Write to a Fulfilling Life

Time and time again we have heard of people sighing with irritation and complaining incessantly about life’s boredom.  There were nothing better to do except going to work, finding excuses not to do anything extra, and just plain lazy not moving a muscle to create something, anything.  These people are big time complainer, blaming everyone and everything in their path but not seeing their own ineffectiveness. 

“Annie works so slow, can’t even get me the report on time.” 

“The traffic is so bad here, I wish I live in another country.”

“I don’t know what to do on weekends, so boring.”

Lets see how we can stop complaining and start living.  There are so much beauty in the world that you will miss it if you keep looking at the problems you face.  There are obviously so many people you can help when you look out with kindness and to extend a hand.  In life, there are no dull moments, only moments that you choose to feel down.  Once you stand up and choose happiness instead, you will start a refreshing chapter in your life.

These are some writings you need to do for a fulfilling life:

Write down everything you don’t want.

There may be some school of thoughts that say to make things happen, you need to concentrate on the things you want.  That is true.  Before you get what your want, however, you first need to take responsibility for your life, which means no more blaming others!  Write down what you don’t want to happen, acknowledge it and then do the reverse.  Make amends and change the situation to that you like happen.  For example, if getting on the road seemed to be a difficult task at 7am, then choose to leave your house at 6am instead.

Write a story about your perfect life.

After recognizing all that you do not want, now it is time to sit down and write a list of all that you want.  First, you have to believe that you deserve all the best in the world can offer.  Then, get a cardboard or a corkboard and start to create a vision board.  It is good if you can use pictures to see the things you want in colors.  Cut out pictures from old magazines and paste them on the vision board.  Hang up the vision board so that you can see it everyday as a reminder of the life you want.  Even better, write your own success story and the perfect life you want.  Post it, read it, show it, do everything to let others know it too. Claim your perfect life because it is yours already.

Write down the schedule to take action.

Face it, nothing happens if you leave them all on the vision board.  You need to take actions!  You don’t have to wait for the perfect time, today is just right for you to start writing down your action plans.  You want harmony in your working relationship with a co-worker, then take action today to go towards him/her to ask if you could help in preparing the report.  This way, it will get things moving and both of you will finish your project on time.  No more blaming.  No more problems.  When you are passionately doing the things you love, you will have no time for boredom.

The happiness you are seeking in work and life is easily attainable when you make a decision to take responsibility.  Stop looking at a situation as if it is always the other person’s fault.  You can start to look at any situation and ask yourself what can you do to help or change it to make it perfect for you.  With this change of mindset, you will begin to experience bliss everywhere you are. 

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