Have you always felt you would write something?
Have you thought of doing the exercise?
Are you still dreaming of traveling the world?

You are constantly driving yourself crazy harboring thoughts of achieving something.  You know you love Italian food and you will one day walk the streets of Rome.  You talk about writing a book and one day you will get it published.  You reminisce about younger days, slimmer days and you kept saying that one day you will exercise.

That one day never happen.


One of the many reasons is that you were told to think BIG.  Achieve BIG goals.  Go get a BIG car, a BIG house, a BIG income.  Dream BIG.  You conditioned yourself with so many BIG ideas that if you ever do anything, it should be BIG.

For traveling, you must go to Europe, far and expensive – BIG.
For writing a book, it must be at least ten chapters, 200 pages – BIG.
For an effective exercise regime, the result must be at least 10kg within three months – BIG.
For sales, you must distribute twenty name cards to twenty people everyday – BIG.

You believe that whatever you want to achieve, it has to be BIG, if not, why do it?  You put a value to your dream, a result that you think everyone will approve.  But what’s wrong with starting small?  

Try these  New Thoughts  –

3 ways to jump start your dream: 

1.  Start small – take bite size, not BIG gulp.

To feel the joy of traveling – how about going for a short, perhaps one day, trip to a nearby place?  Go visit a friend in a kampung (village).  Take the local city bus and do a hop-on hop-off tour of the city you live in?  Why must traveling be always overseas?  

To start writing, how about writing one word every day?  To start your exercise, how about taking 10 deep breaths and just swing your arms for 5 minutes everyday?  Start a diet, eat one fruit.  Practice silence, meditate for one minute.  Run, start with one km.

2.  Commit to a 30-day small plan.

Commit to a 30-day challenge.  Write one word every morning for 30 days, you will have a paragraph by the end of one month.  Sit in silence for one minute each day, you would have done a 30-minute retreat at the end of the month.   Run one km a day, you would have covered 30 km after one month.

3.  Tell your good friends about your small plans.

Talking about your small plans is as good as cheering about a BIG one.  Talk about it with your buddies.  Tell them what you are doing.  By saying it, you will accumulate confidence and build into yourself a new belief – that all actions will lead you to a result.

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