Love Travel Love Business

Love Travel Love Business

How can two experiences be felt differently?  Unless you think you like one and dislike the other.  This happens when we have a split mind.

On one side (Mind), you think you love to travel, meeting people, planning your itinerary, managing your accounts and tracking your schedules.  On the other side (Mind), when you get back to work, you didn’t like meeting customers, you are not working your plans, you don’t handle the accounts well and you don’t have schedules for your work.

When you have gratitude and living life to the fullest, this is what you will do:


– love the sights and sounds, admire the creation of nature and enjoy the moment.


– love strategies and marketing, admire the ideas of your colleagues and enjoy the brainstorming.

This is where many are not able to see the same sense of fulfillment in everything you do.  Although you have read a lot, listened to many inspirational talks, worked with many spiritual teachers, yet you don’t see the effect of the same metta, loving-kindness, in your work, business, travel and relationships.

As we discuss this more in “Business With ACIM” sessions, many people are witnessing the change and through the understanding of that ONE principle, then moved on to live up to their dreams.

Check out one of the most popular talks entitled “Travel Without Plans, Business Without Worries”.  Discover just ONE principle that I uphold in everything I do, wherever I am with whoever I meet along the way.  Amazingly, that has opened doors …

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