Building Talents for Corporate Malaysia.

Building Talents for Corporate Malaysia.

Very few of us know that each young person from an orphanage will need to leave the place they grow up when they turn 18. The question is: where would they go?

Are the young people who just turned 18 know how to find a job? Would they know what the job market require? Are they equipped with the information they need to find a job?

The question is not whether they are able to fend for themselves, it is how we can help them find a job. When they go for their first interview, what to expect, how to create the first successful impression and how to react to the questions being asked in the interview?

Together with FuziMagic, a benevolent organization who focuses on building young talents, we are inviting corporations to offer the youths the knowledge to get a job. There are four areas that we will cover:

  • Speaking skills
  • The dos and don’ts when you attend a job interview
  • Dress well to enhance confidence
  • Learn a skill

For our first session beginning from February, 2020, we have invited Mydin, SWET Group and Seikou Systec to share with the youths the knowledge as mentioned.

The program will run consecutively for three months, with one topic each month. Each session will be one hour.

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