How To Write Your Personal Profile (Download FREE e-Book)

How To Write Your Personal Profile (Download FREE e-Book)

Everyone faces the opportunity to seek work, after our studies. When we first went for our job interviews, we wanted to impress the interviewer with our academic qualifications and the accolades we received when we were at school. After several years at work, with the experiences you’ve gained, entrepreneurs will want to know what you could help them with, not what you’ve achieved academically. 

That is an extension of our academic experience. As we progress in our work, we may realise that we could do other jobs better, such as a consulting job, a social enterprise or a job that is not on the list of usual employment. There are times when as an accountant, you can organise a sellout workshop. Some could even put together a stunning anniversary dinner. Some love the stage so much they can emcee an event with aplomb or sing and dance to the delight of the audience. 

There are so many unlisted talents in the employment criteria many of us wished that we could have discovered those qualities even earlier. The truth is, the qualities have been explored, exercised and practised, over and over again, through the years. Now, you’ve got to write them down so that other entrepreneurs who definitely will need such talents and consulting work to call you for the ‘extraordinary’ work you do.

Who and when do you need a personal profile?

  • Receiving awards.
  • Consultants
  • Appearing on media
  • Publications (books, magazines, any print media)
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Speakers/Trainers
  • Investor Profile
  • Company profile
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Contest judge
  • and many more…

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