Stay Trained – “How to stay motivated working Freelance?” (EP03 of 6)

Stay Trained – “How to stay motivated working Freelance?” (EP03 of 6)

Learn. Continuous leaning. Find out new ways to present your business, your product, even yourself. Learn by reading, attending workshops, picking up some current ideas how to present in business. Watch and adopt workable business ideas now.

Watch the 53-second video on this episode.

I share with you one experience I had when I worked in Africa when I signed up as a Consultant for a company in Malaysia which has offices in over 30 countries. I was working freelance, under contract, as the Company’s Chief Branding Officer.

I was given the task to bring the business to another level by promoting the existing business by using exhibition and publicity. The idea was to do several roadshows. I provided the content and the layout of all the exhibition materials that will be duplicated for use everywhere the roadshow is held. One of the items was a full-sized human standee where the face is an open gap where visitors can stand at the back of the standee, put their face into the hole and take a photo.

First, I used it for the Asian market, in the Philippines. After that, we moved the exhibition materials to Africa. When that standee was used in our first exhibition stop in Nigeria, only then did I spot a huge mistake. When the human standee was erected, and the crowd was streaming into the exhibition hall, only then did I discover to my horror, that the pictures of the man and woman were Asians, with fairer skin. The room was filled with African with dark skin. The standee now has become an item that was starkly inappropriate for the occasion.

From that experience, I learned that each marketing material that I will produce in the future must take into consideration the ethnicity and the consumers where the marketing materials will be used.

It was learning and learning and learning all the time.

Stay trained.

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