Make Freelance Work (Download FREE eBook)

Make Freelance Work (Download FREE eBook)

How do you make working freelance work? How do you stay motivated working freelance?

I’ve started offering my writing services to many SMEs in Malaysia since 2008. But thinking back, I’ve been writing tirelessly since I was in primary school. When I started working in my own Interior Design Company, I wrote for Sin Chew Jit Poh, a Chinese daily, for a couple of years. Then, I moved on to write for a few English and Chinese magazines, submitting to them my local and overseas travel stories.

After I published my book “Invite Freedom Home” in 2013, more reputable SMEs in Malaysia began to offer me writing contracts. I worked on various projects that required me to develop contents for their websites, SOPs, marketing materials and many promotional collaterals which included contents for exhibits such as banners, flyers and brochures for their product exhibitions in international exhibition venues.

I feel that it is timely to share my work as a freelancer. How to really make it successful? Does freelancer work like an employee? Does freelancer really have a lot of free time? I hope this will help everyone who is moving into this trendy vocation to have a more professional approach to make it successful.

I have listed some disciplines you may need to make working freelance a success. It is the same as managing a company, you need the structure and the discipline to make it work.

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You can also watch an animated video here.

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