Stay Lean – “How to stay motivated working freelance?” (EP05 of 6)

Stay Lean – “How to stay motivated working freelance?” (EP05 of 6)

Cut all debts. Better still, have zero debt. You don’t need a big car to get around, or a big house to show off. I have not come across clients who want to know what car I drive or what house I live in. Even when I told them I work from home, they seemed pleased with my honesty.

Please, I am not trying to stop you from investing in stuff you like. This is what I’ve seen happened with many friends who were once working freelance – they dropped out!


Simple reason: they could not cope with no revenue. The brutal truth is that there will be some days or months you may be out of a contract and you’ll be left without being paid. Freeing yourself from your monthly instalments for stuff, like a car loan, a housing loan or even an instalment on the new smart phone you bought, will leave you free to being creative.

Your creativity is usually affected when you have other problems to worry about. In other words, the less you are encumbered by financial commitment, you’ll be able to do more.

Watch a 53-second video to get a clearer picture

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