Stay Anchored – “How to stay motivated working freelance?” EP06 of 6

Stay Anchored – “How to stay motivated working freelance?” EP06 of 6

If someone asks you: what do you do? How would you respond? Are you able to just single out one job that you know you can do with your best abilities.

One thing we have to be clear – we are not superhuman, we cannot be good at everything. Choose one job  you can really excel.  Then, whenever someone asks you that question again, that will be your perfect answer. 

“I am a __________________.” (fill in the blank). Even if you are a consultant, be more specific with the job you do. A professional will tell someone that “I am a Business Consultant.” “I am a writer.” “I am a dancer.” “I am a PR Consultant.” “I am the founder of an HR Consultancy Company.”

Pick one that is your major job. Later, you may add in the auxiliary jobs that could help to elevate your main service. For example, I’ve met a Business Consultant who has a subsidiary that offers accountancy and company secretarial services. Add the additional jobs in after you’ve secured your main work. Even that, never try to be Jack of all trades. Choose to be the Master of one.

Stick to what you do best. Never provide mediocre service, always strive to provide your best work.

Watch a 53-second video to Stay Anchored. Click here.

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