How to write your company profile?

How to write your company profile?

Why do companies keep claiming that they want to be the best, the number one and even the leader in the field? Do customers really care if you are number one or the best? As a customer yourself, is the company declaring to be number one affects your decision to buy?

Customers don’t know who you are, what you can offer or how they can reach you. Posting your company profile will let your potential customers know you better. It is imperative to let customers know about what you’ve done or how do you see yourself serving them. It is not about you becoming the number one in the market or the accolades you receive. You can leave this self-flattery list of achievement at the end of the page, not the beginning, and let’s not even make them the highlight of your business.

Think about it, you are also a customer in other situation, how would you respond to companies who keep blowing their own trumpet but in actual fact, fall short of excellent customer service? I am sure what you, as a customer, would really like to know is how the company and its products can serve you, help you solve a problem. Isn’t it right?

When you start writing your company profile, it is pertinent to plan the content that will sincerely tell your potential customers how you can serve them, what have you done in the past that showed how much you cared.

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Here are the five tips to help you write your company profile:

  1. What do you think your customers wish you could help them solve? – tell them your experiences, choose one standout joy you’ve brought to a customer by helping him/her solve a problem.
  2. Why do you think you could do that? – your experience, your growth in the industry and even what you’ve learned through your work.
  3. How are you going to do that? – share a method, a problem-solving solution.
  4. Tell one of your experiences – within one paragraph.
  5. Mention your awards and accolades last! – yes, this should be the last, not first.

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