Kasih. Didik.

Kasih. Didik.

Love. Education.

That’s what the program means. Bringing practical skills development and education to underprivileged young adults, preparing them to become talented Malaysians.


To provide underprivileged young adults with the education and skills they need to be competitive in the job market.

We need your input as educators/trainers to impart the necessary knowledge to prepare young adults when they’re ready for the workforce. We, from Fuzi Magic, are targeting young adults from underprivileged youths, especially at orphanages, to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge for them to secure jobs.

We learn that orphans or underprivileged youths in various social organisations will have to leave their adopted homes when they turn 18. They have to move out and fend for themselves. How would they know what to do if they were not properly educated to take their first step, such as going for their first job interview?

The Yellow Container aka STEMbox will be the venue where we will be conducting the talks.

In this “Kasih. Didik.” project, we hope to impart to them the following basic skills to get them ready for the Malaysian workforce:

a) Image development – how to dress up effectively for their interviews; how to attend their first interview; what are the correct, positive mannerisms.

b) Preparing resume;

c) Expose to a few industries, e.g. Insurance, Mutual funds, sales, marketing, and the current trendy jobs such as becoming a YouTuber, a filmmaker, a social media expert, etc.

The following programs are in the pipeline. These talks are carried out throughout the year. For the trainers’ profile and their topics, please download them by clicking on the respective Trainers’ Names below:

Celine Koay – SWET Image Professional (EEC, ACIC) & Etiquette Consultant Topic: Career development (Topik: Perkembangan Kerjaya)

Grace Auyong – SWET Image Professional Topic: Taboos on Social Mannerisms (Topik: Pantang larang etika social)

Tan Hui Mun – SWET Image Professional (EEC, ACIC) Topic: Skill Development (Topik: Pembangunan Kemahiran)

Elaine Lee – SWET Image Professional (EEG, ACIC) & SWET Image Stylist Topic: Image Development (Topik: Pemakaian & Pembangunan Imej)

Please contact us if you would like to be a trainer for this project. Call anyone of us for further information:

Tham Chee Wah 012-31528111, or

Fuzi Hanim 016-2027600

Download Kasih. Didik. brochure here.

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