I’m a salesman first, then a writer. I like to say this because I like to sell. When I organise an exhibition, I like to be the one who talk with the customers. When I assume the role of an Emcee, I encourage audience to be attentive and be available. And then, I write books, company profiles, SOPs, marketing collaterals and a lot of stuff to steer the company towards automation – a duplicable working condition.






Chee Wah Tham


(Malaysia) 012.315.2811

What I do


Develop website content with extensive research and meetup chat with the owner(s) of the establishment. This will spur integrity and honesty towards bringing the company to an exponential growth. Doing business with a positive intention is the key to success.


Make everything duplicable. To make it easy for anyone to follow a process, there must be a well written Standard Operating Procedure. Take time to work on it, and propel the business to further growth.


Marketing collateral. Promotional materials. Make them visible and easy to read. Convey the uniqueness of the product/service and give customers a clear picture of what you are offering in the market. The question: What do you do?

Digital Format

Create everything in digital format. Make documents easy to read and to carry them around if need be. Make them simple and workable. Staff and consumers want these, make them available.