If you want to do God’s work, you got to do it full time!

Grub Cycle was established in June 2016. Redza met the team when they were helping out at an event for refugees. “I wanted to learn more about social enterprise, so I went to the British Council to learn to be a facilitator for social enterprise. That was where someone asked me if I was interested to join an accelerator program to validate and start my own social enterprise.” As if everything he wanted was already there, all he needed to do was to show up. And he did.

All you need is this one thought to move mountains, what is it?

Working under employment was easy, managing a business is something else. He realised that when he finally started his own business. He was so busy solving problems that at the end of the day, he was making even less money then when he was under employment. Learning to juggle so many challenges, from administration to manufacturing, from HR to marketing, from finance to sales, he decided there is only one thing he needed - education. He was determined to learn more about business management.

Yong, Co-founder and CEO of CO3 Social Office, has one belief that keeps him motivated, what is it?

In CO3 Social Office, Malaysia's leading co-working space, everyone who uses the office space, regardless whether you are a visitor or one of the office users, you pay for what you consume. At the bar counter, food items such as snacks, pastry and beverages which include coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks are available for sale. There is a price list of each item but there is no cash register. There is no one who manages a till. After you have selected the food or drink you want, you just need to drop the money into a glass container. If you need change, take your change from the same glass container.