In this inspiring new edition, Chee Wah shares his insights on the awareness of the Power of Creation, and the actions towards banishing doubts about this Power.

Living your dreams is not wishful thinking; neither is it a wishy-washy, having a lackadaisical or ‘floating-in-the-air’ attitude.  To live your passion is simply to take action on your dreams.

In the first part of the book, Chee Wah tells us his experiences of traveling the world with no plans, no itineraries, no notion of what to do next.  Magically, with his no-plans travel, people and places seemed to show up at the right time and at the right moment.  His career and business success is also the result of allowing his heart to direct him to where and what he needed to be doing.  When one’s heart is open, everything that one needs is revealed and provided.

In the second part, he explains the process of manifesting a life of freedom.  This process includes the four-steps exercise to create new thoughts to replace limiting beliefs and seven factors to banish doubts.  The practice of this process leads to strengthening your faith and trust in the Power of Creation.


All you ever need to do is to remember and say "Yes!" to what shows up.

“Can’t be so simple.”

“What if it is?”

In Invite Freedom Home, Chee Wah breaks down limiting beliefs to build up self-confidence and inspire you to live free.  He walks you through real-life experiences to show you that surrendering to a greater Power promises a freeway to realizing your dreams.

Taking you through his journeys from his hometown in Malaysia to the lost civilization of the Incas in Peru; from the ruins of Angkor Temples in Cambodia to the sacred Mount Sinai in Egypt, from the revered Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal to the romantic backwaters of Kerala in Southern India, Chee Wah relates his magical adventures traveling with the Power of Creation.

The Power that is vested in all of us since the beginning of time.  This Power knows where to bring you to the places and achieve the goals which you have set in the sands of time.
This debut effort is the result of living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment - without an itinerary, without an organized plan and going through life without a map.


ISBN: 978-983-3789-60-3
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What readers say (33 readers review):

"Invite Freedom Home has been with me during my backpack trip to Taiwan.  Initially I was quite upset and disappointed as most of my plan were cancelled due to Typhoon Usagi.  Incredible, but thanks to the typhoon, I was able to take time to sit quietly in a hostel in Hua Lien, spending the whole afternoon reading Chee Wah's book.  There was nothing else I could do due to the storm.  While reading, I realized that I was actually very lucky being stranded in a hostel.  How many of us get to experience typhoon?  Further more it was Taiwan’s second largest typhoon in 20 years.  Just the change of my mindset, I smiled, and I was no longer upset.  And then, circumstances changed.  The hostel owner invited us to go with him to QiXing beach to experience the lashing and powerful typhoon, of course within safe area.  What a great experience that was.  It became an unforgettable trip for me.  We always look for financial freedom, however, what I benefited from Chee Wah’s book is "Emotional Freedom".  Feeling emotionally free gave me a new perspective in life. Thank you, Chee Wah!" ~ Amethyst Song, IT Professional

"Invite Freedom Home, was one of the best birthday gift that I have ever received. Freedom, a choice that I often thought that is GREAT to HAVE but HARD to Achieve.  Freedom has always been with us, the key was to have or not to have? I live my life with principles because I often thought with principles and guidance we will eventually reach freedom (“practice till it is a part of you”) yet I was never happy. Sometimes, I realize I am just doing for the sake of doing. Thankfully this book came just in time, it reminded me what is the truth of freedom. Those stories, attitude and sharing, surely has helped in giving me courage in doing things that is found beyond the word “Principle”. Keep writing and I look forward to your next book!" ~ Jess Foong, Programme Manager, The SEACEN Centre

"My life has always been deeply troubled and plenty of turbulent since the day I was born. When I was diagnosed with Lupus and later my mother passed on, that was my last straw. I could not get over it.  After that, one after another trouble came. I was in deep rut, miserable, angry and depressed.  I couldn’t understand why I constantly “battling” malady.  I began to question myself about God and my faith and beliefs and why am I facing such “difficult” life and why am I not happy?  I tried searching for answers and I have no idea where to begin.  Read more ..." ~ Genny Ong, Academician

"Chee Wah’s writing is beautifully poetic and lyrical.   His stories are original.  His narrative is riveting and it is a joy to read his many adventures where realism and surrealism merged.  I had the privilege to personally witness and to authenticate the author’s experience when he picked up Lord Krishan’s flute in Hampi, India.  I had listened first hand to some of his wonderful experiences when he returned home from the far corners of the earth.  He sees beauty, joy and wonderment in everything.  His child-like impressions are contagious. He is an epitome of spontaneous living and what I admired most is his dogged determination and passion to pursue his dreams.    Invite Freedom Home is a manifestation of one of his intention.

He challenges the arm chair critics to spread their wings, let go their fears and embrace their birthright with abundant love and boundless freedom.  The book offers many inspirational insights,   nuggets of wisdom, and gently provokes the reader to ponder deeply the purpose of life. This is a must read." ~ LeAnn Tang, Director, Landscape Designer – a fellow traveler on this great journey called “Life”

"I've read many FANTASY books, I've read many INSPIRATIONAL books, I've read many SELF ACTUALIZATION books. I thought I knew it all, yet I knew nothing until I read this book.  This book captures ALL of it!  Some of the stories, for example traveling to the most remote corners on the world (even during war time) without a plan sounded like FANTASY to me, yet the idea of of being bold and venturing forward sounded so INSPIRATIONAL, and when you asked us: Are you peaceful now? Do you feel free? Spend some time to contemplate (pg 150) ... I actually did this exercise and realized one thing that I had never knew... that discovery is SELF ACTUALIZATION. A must read for all." ~ Dennis Wee, Director, Origination Client Coverage.

"I am happy that during the doubt moment in life, transformation time, I met you and your friend.  As for your book. It is too little of it. I just can't get enough. I yearn to have more stories. It's time to work on your second book. Perhaps more beautiful pictures insert in the book?

I love the story telling method in the book. Your description and structure of sentences are unique and brought me deep into imagination.  I guess I  will read your book again.  Again, thank you very much for being one of my lamp. I had a feeling that I will see you soon. In future I would love to attend your class, if there is one good for develop my spirituality." ~ Nikki Ng, Photographer & Illustrator
"Chee Wah's "Invite Freedom Home" is truly an inspirational book for me. One of the biggest take away for me is I started questioning myself what is freedom? I realized that freedom doesn't just mean financial freedom. I understand now that freedom means a whole lot more! Freedom from my beliefs, freedom from my own limitations, freedom from my cultural norm, freedom from my own cannot do, etc. Freedom can be applied to so many things. Then I started asking myself, if I am truly free, how would I feel? I have say, I will be on top of the world! I will have unlimited joy, peace, and of course wealth! I know for a fact that I am not living in a free way. Now it's time for me to change! Thank you Chee Wah!" ~ Jen Liao, Singapore

"When I started to read the introduction I felt a bit emotional and your last sentence "So, my dear friend, set yourself free" made me broke down and cried.  When I read page 119, there was a sentence "All I know: God is love. Full stop. Period."  I broke down and cried again!   Those words really touched me deeply.  I was overwhelmed with happiness for you when you said that you were at Amma's ashram by "accident".  It was so touching that Amma had called you to come.  All your journey to the places mentioned in your book were very interesting.  Thank you so much for the amazing book!" ~ Amy How, Administrator

"I am still in the midst of reading your book, second time round.  The first time I read the book, I finished reading it in a few days!  I just could not put the book down - it was exciting, interesting and at the same time inspiring!  This time round, I am taking my time to digest all the words you have written because there is so, so much to learn and to bring my consciousness to a higher level.  Every chapter, there is something to pick up and I notice that I dwell on the opening quotations and then digest on your closing chapter with "A doorway to new thoughts" Yes, you have made it "so simple"  I know I am so inspired to "take ownership of my own thoughts" and surely "invite freedom home"!  Thank you so much for your awe inspiring stories and making it possible that I too, can change my limiting beliefs!" ~ Kim Tan, High-end Real Estate Agent

"I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful author (Tham Chee Wah) at his latest book reading in Kuala Lumpur. What fascinated me the most was his natural ability to just go with the flow! He would simply plan his trips abroad by booking an entry ticket to one city and an exit ticket from another city, on the other side of the country. Read more..." ~ Erika Zechner, NLP Practitioner, the International Teaching Seminars (London)

"I am lucky enough to have met Chee Wah in Toastmasters.  Eventually he became my mentor after I have completed my Competent Communicator manual. Throughout the three years that I have known him, I am always amazed by his carefree, simple and exciting life. Read more..." ~ Lim Hui Shan

"Got a new book 'Invite Freedom Home today. Delivered by a handsome guy Keane to my office. Gladful. Flipping...flipping...the book initially having no intention to start the reading yet. Hey supposed to be working... but a few sentences while catches my attention.Read more ..." ~ Connie Wong, from Facebook

“After reading Chee Wah’s book on “Invite Freedom Home”, Nellie and I decided to experience similar ‘Freedom’ by first traveling to Bangalore in Dec 2011, followed by another trip to Miri, Mulu Caves and Kuching in Jan 2012.
We purchased a round-trip air-tickets online.  That’s all we did!  We didn’t book any tour or hotel and we didn’t have an itinerary. We trusted the whole process, and we wanted to experience the real meaning of Freedom by going for the trips leisurely in a relaxed manner with open heart and open mind. We went without any expectation nor idea about what, where, how, when, why... Read more..."  ~ George Lau, Principal Trainer and Coach

"After reading this book, I am keener to explore more about spirituality. This is especially upon knowing that “the part that we don’t know is the part that will save our sanity” (pg 70).  Moreover, I was also fascinated by a few concepts such as “the universe has no deadline” (pg 68), “what if the universe has other plans for you” (pg 68), “universal intelligence” (pg 70). I used to want to learn more about spirituality but was not really that keen back then. Read more ..." ~ James Yap, Property Marketing Executive

"In my life, very few books get me to complete reading in a week!  When I do, usually it changes my belief hence my life journey.  Thank you for sharing you life journey! My childhood journey is like yours, my parents do not 'box' my mind and life was a bliss!  Working life, however, has somehow created the 'box' unconsciously.
I am now at a cross road after achieving my financial target.  This book inspires and affirms my decision for my next change, discover my talent in art, cooking, perhaps singing! and it has given me a very good guide in finding the 'happy' journey ahead.  Thank you" ~ Yeo Yoke Bee, Financial Planner

"I read Invite Freedom Home when I was on an outstation journey for work. It was so captivating, talking all about Chee Wah's adventure, his positive ways of thinking and also about one's attitude, so much so that I couldn't put the book down. Normally when I travel for work, I just go to the office or stay in the hotel. I never travel or explore as I was always worried about going to foreign lands alone. But that trip, I challenged my self. I took the public bus with the locals, went to the beach and dined in a cosy restaurant. It was fun and liberating! The book really did so much for me. In fact, I took the meaning of the book and hope to apply it not only in my social life, but to use it in my career as well as relationship with others! Thanks for helping me turn the lights on." ~ Joyce Hue, Hypnotherapy Consultant

"Amazing! After I have finished reading your book, I suddenly felt so much lighter, like a burden has been lifted from my shoulder. I went to campus and everyone told me I look younger. The messages in your book are inspiring and they make sense." ~ Genny Ong, Academician 

"Unbelievable!! But knowing you, and the way you travel, I know the stories are true. Very inspiring indeed. Hope you can show more pictures of the places you covered." ~  May Tan, Real Estate Agent

"Just finished your book! Brilliantly written - what a joyful read!! All the best in spreading the word about Freedom." ~  Chim Li-Yen, founder of The Violet Flame

"Every page is a gem.  I have to contemplate the messages you shared, especially about the joy we put into our work.  Now, I look at my work everyday differently." ~  Kim Tan, Real Estate Agent

"Finished reading your book some weeks back. Loved the stories and views which I believe many people will find them entertaining and thought-provoking. Thanks a million for sharing. Hope many people will 'Invite Freedom Home'" ~ Ser Wee, Director, Mortgage Consultant

"Chee Wah is my friend who has inspired me a lot.  I once pondered, how can he live his life so free? Later I realized that it is a mindset.  He inspired me to invite freedom home.  The essence he shared is profound and I take conscious effort to live consciously now.  I wouldn't think how the universe helps us to achieve what we want, I just believe, I just do it, it is just that simple.  "Invite Freedom Home" provides a new perspective of looking at my life." ~ Jade Lim, Nan Yang Siang Pau Columnist on Image Branding

"The author captures the worries, aging, real life issues of common working class people like us.  He has a view of life which inspire me to walk through a meaningful path with peace and harmony. I am lucky that I could go read his book and relate the things which I tried to target."  ~ Goswami, Expatriate from India, Business Head (Fabric and Spun), Malaysia largest textile manufacturer. 3rd November 2011

"I like your book, it is light and easy to read (I finished it in one day).  It contains a lot of rich and beautiful messages for me.  I am glad that I first went to your talk in Clove & Clive before I started to read your book.  Your book does not create a different image of you.  It is just like you in person, very humble, sincere and truthful.  Your natural bravery and courage without having to worry and being tough are something that I admire.  As a Rolfer, I always told my clients a real strength of muscles is when a muscle works efficiently in contraction and expansion naturally without having to put much efforts moving the muscles.  After reading your book, I will be more relax and easy to go on travels again.  I will embrace any vision that appear to me because I used to neglect and afraid of them.  Thank you." ~ Catherine Fong, Rolfer, Le Rolfing Health Studio

"A very inspiring story-teller. Chee Wah has a very unique way of articulating the spiritual side of his readers through relaxed yet beautiful use of words. I like the part on the flute by Lord Krishna. High in spirit, it is Freedom indeed!" ~ Keane Leow, Founder of D Clover Centre for Spiritual Growth. 

"Chee Wah’s travel stories held me captivated as I turned page after page.  The richness of his experience was enlightening.  Trust me – read this book." ~ Sheila Wong, AICI CIP, Founder and Master Trainer of SWET Advancement Centre Sdn Bhd, People's Image Consultant.

“The book and its contents are simple, sincere and succinct.  The cover is unique and I love the colour; so welcoming and enchanting.  Definitely a book that is worth reading.” ~ ANN GOH, a friend in Dhamma.  Someone who believes that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

"It was a refreshingly light to read & dance through your book and to feel your joyousness vibrating through in expressing your own experience in the way you feel, enjoy and experience freedom. Am sure many whilst may say only you will do the things that you do, it is precisely meant to be that way, everyone person's journey is expressed differently. What is a thread we can pick up from your book, is to embrace the essence of what freedom meant for someone like you and how it can be for ourselves. It is amazingly clear in the way you pen it and NOW it is crystallized to prepare a platform for you to move forward in your journey or expression of freedom. Thank you so much for what and how you say it, it leaves such a light feeling that yes, freedom can be realized for us all." ~ Ho Fong Ming, Toastmasters International District 51 Past District Governor.

"I love reading books that inspire and also good for my heart and soul.  'Invite Freedom Home' is one such book that ignites the knowing-ness of freedom within myself.  The innate knowing is often silenced by life challenges which drain me emotionally, especially when I 'slacked off' watching my mind.  Thank you Chee Wah for reminding me that I AM already free, by letting the Freedom in me be.  After reading this book, I am definitely nudged to relive my first love - traveling!  As I speak, I've two places marked in my mind that I will visit - Oman and Cambodia.   Here I come in 2012!I hope readers would remember to live life fully and joyfully.  As a professional, my acquaintance was puzzled when I took a sabbatical leave for twelve months in 2009.   That was the time I did the unthinkable.  I went and lived in India and in Europe.  My voice said: I live only once, and let it be from my heart.  Once again, I am grateful for Chee Wah, for reminding me of Freedom.  Thanks, and have a blessed life.  We live only once. The heart knows best." ~ Lim Kar Yee, Fund Manager

"It's a perfect fit for my travelling lifestyle. Just reading about your journeys and thoughts makes me happy. Your stories are very enlightening and tranquil at times. It's very easy to immerse myself in your book while travelling, Just like 'brain food' for the travelling mind.
Another thing I like about your book is the size. It's so handy to bring around, and the chapters are short.  Thank you for bringing us this inspring book. Makes me wanna write out my own travels too. Looking forward to your next book, if you get to write another one.  I'll definitely try out your 'no plans' style of travel, perhaps I can enjoy my travel more if I do that."
Bell, Export Manager

"The purpose of this email is to tell you how great this book is.  I love the style of writing.  It is like going through parts and parcel of a movie, yet at the same time it is like interviewing someone recalling some old stories way back. It is great.  It is very inspiring and encouraging to know that someone dares to take the risk and challenge, throw down everything he has, and do something he is passionate about but totally different.
I also want to thank you for giving me the courage by sharing your story to take the first step to jump off the cliff into the unknown.  Mum and your example give me the strength to take the plunge.  I have been pushing and giving excuses not making a move for a while.  I finally took the step to tender my resignation letter last Friday, without any job confirmation and with all my bills and course fee to pay at hand.  I am scared but thinking of how mum and you have the trust and faith to push through makes me realized that as long as I have the full faith in God, He will lead me.
And thank you once again for being an inspiration!" ~ Charlotte Lee, Claims Contoller (Singapore)

"The book touches everyone's little fear of letting go and believe in the power of universe....Thank you for opening my mind and eyes to the greater things in life" ~ Tracey Chow, Mage Cafe