Business With ACIM


Business With ACIM session with (from left) Chee Wah, Tong, Kenyu and friends.

It was 2012 when I attended an ACIM session conducted by Chee Wah. It was my first time experiencing ACIM even though I have heard people talking about the course earlier.  I consider myself as a spiritual practitioner where I have learned quite a lot about spirituality, and I thought this course will expand my horizon about spirituality even more .

However, as I listened to Chee Wah’s sharing, I was confused and got very uncomfortable because of the terms such as GOD, Heaven, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is this another religious teaching?  I asked myself.
I did not return to the session ever since.  I believed I have learned enough about spirituality and ACIM was definitely not the one.
Later, I realized that learning about spirituality and experiencing it are totally different.  I thought I learned everything about the law of the Universe and my life will definitely change.  Yes , I did see  improvements but I always felt that something was missing…
In Sep 2013, I was out of job and started to look for work. I have sent out 15 applications but none replied.  Three months have passed, I was still unemployed, I panicked and wondered what had happened?
One day I saw an e-mail notice of “Business with ACIM” by Chee Wah. At first, it didn’t cross my mind at all but one day when I was caught in the traffic while driving, ONE SOUND kept telling me this: Kenyu… go to Business with ACIM.  Kenyu…..go to Business with ACIM!  I tried to ignore it but it kept ringing in my ears.  This time I didn’t resist it and I listened to THE VOICE , I attended the first session and continued to do so for many sessions thereafter.
Speaking of Miracles, I have experienced quite a number.  More importantly, I got the job I love and it wasn’t through job applications and interviews but after a coffee talk with my current employer.
I was amazed how powerful this course is: to experience these miracles,  to understand myself better, and to conquer my fear.  As for business, it actually helps in the way I run my company’s Marketing campaigns now.
I feel that ACIM is a very structured spirituality practice that requires me to be very disciplined.  This truly helps me to balance the left- and right-side of my brain.
Thank you Chee Wah for sharing Business with ACIM.
By Kenyu Ho, Marketing Manager