Introduction written by Mr Michael Wong, Homeopathy Practitioner and a Young Entrepreneur

In the 1950s, after World War II, sparked the industrialization era.  Societies begin to speak about the importance of an individual's IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level.  Then, in the turn of the 20th century, people, corporations, schools, trainers turned their attention to EI (Emotional Intelligence).

Now, we are suggesting another level of understanding which encompasses all levels of consciousness.  We are talking about SI - SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.  Proper tapping to this pathway can and will open newer pathway to endless possibilities of achievements.  The question here is not IF you can achieve it, rather WHEN you remember it.  Though nothing new, I realize that many of us are not in touch with their universal powers and often find themselves in life's limbo.  The good news is, you are able to come out of this and to be in touch with your universal capabilities.  Let that be the Commander of your life, live with clarity even in the haziness of thoughts that is stuck between the matrix of your own reality and confusion.

In these "Business With ACIM" sessions, you will teach yourself to be in touch with the universe.  The following are a few aspects you can achieve in our sessions:

  2. SELF TRAIN to become a better employee or employer.
  3. If you OWN A BUSINESS, learn to be more connected with your clients.
  4. Leave them with an EVERLASTING impression in your respected fields.
  5. This is a HOLISTIC approach to your life's success.
  6. BUILD your STATURE within your respected societies.
Date:    Wed 16 July, 2014
             Wed 20 August, 2014
             Wed 24 Sepember, 2014
                   Wed 22 October, 2014
Time:    7.30pm to 10.00pm 
            (Business meditaiton included)
Venue: Lifeworks Holistic Centre, 27, Jalan Brother James, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang

 Your contribution: RM30
 SMS/Call: Serena Cheah 019-227 2885  Email:                 
Date:    Friday 11 July & Friday 25 July, 2014
            Thursday 28 August, 2014
                  Tuesday 23 September, 2014
             Monday 30 October, 2014         
Time:    7.30pm to 10.00pm 
            (Business meditation included)
Venue:  Image Cube, Block A-8-15, The Tube Prima Avenue, Jalan PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, 47301 PETALING JAYA

Your Contribution: RM30
SMS/Call: Michael Wong 016-222 4814  Email:
I was amazed how powerful this Course is: to experience these miracles, to understand myself better and to conquer my fears.  As for business, it actually helps in the way I run my company’s marketing campaigns now.” ~ Kenyu Ho, Marketing Manager.

“At the start of the session, I was initially filled with doubt, yet I was curious.  However, I was impressed by the concepts and philosophies in the Course and they broadened my perspectives - from the way I look at myself, the current issues I am trying to work at, in many different angles.” ~ Wilson Loh, Bank Executive

“I have received a great deal of “Aha” moments.  For example, I have often wondered: What has investment got to do with service?  Until Chee Wah mentioned that one of his clients has included Love in their core values.  Now, I can see that my interest in company’ systems can serve too.” ~ Serena Cheah, Artist & Investor