Does a person who write poetry also conceptualize a company’s branding statement?

What has an avid world traveler got to do with corporate marketing strategies?

What has freedom got to do with personal and corporate success?

The answers are “Yes”, “Stimulating ideas”, “And everything”.


Chee Wah grew up with the belief that only when he becomes a boss of a company, he will make it big.   With this conditioning, he had to learn and act fast.  For the first five years of his working life, he joined five different property development companies and learned swiftly the administration and marketing of a wide variety of properties.  Trusting fully that becoming his own boss was the solution to financial success, he started an interior design company with a friend at 23.  Working hard and taking risks, he was deemed successful in the eyes of his peers.  

As the company grew to fulfill one of its goals to have its own showroom, he also went on to fulfill his dream of traveling the world.  He likes to backpack .  Over the years, he has traveled solo, backpacking to most of the 46 countries and 300 citiies he visited.   In some places, he spent up to a month to enjoy the adventure and living the colorful culture with the locals.

Along with his travels and his business, his other passions also took a profitable turn.  Especially his interests in photography and most prolific of all, writing.  


As a kid, he wrote poetry, essays and articles in English and Chinese.  As if he was born with the abilities to learn the two languages, he polished his language skills even more in schools.  When he started work, he did not stop writing.  Even if work needed grueling long hours, he continued to write tirelessly.  He continued to contribute articles to local dailies and magazines.  As the saying goes, everything you put your mind to do, it grows.  Sin Chew Jit Poh, the #1 Chinese daily in Malaysia, signed him up as their feature writer in their weekend tabloid.  He wrote about local travel destinations every weekend for a year.  His world traveling stories in his blogsite also inspired many readers.  Editors from Astro V-Mag, I.M. Mag and other publications began to seek his travel photos and publish them too.


His writing prowess was enhanced with his ability to speak on stage.  He practiced communication and leadership skills proficiently through his involvement with Toastmasters International since 1996.  He began emceeing events and conduct trainings for corporations.  Since he turned pro, he has emceed at sell-out conferences in many prestigious convention centers in the Klang Valley such as PWTC, Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium, Melawati Indoor Stadium, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Berjaya Time Square Convention Hall and KLCC with audiences totaling 30,000 people.

Remarkably, as he witnessed a series of small serendipities, life took a favorable flip.  He gave up the interior design business in 1999 and took a year of sabbatical.  He rested.  Strange as it may sound, while doing nothing, many things were accomplished.  


In 2001, he joined the Novitiate Program as a Buddhist monk with the objective to understand the balance of body, mind and soul.  A few years later, he came across A Course In Miracles, read two pages of the text each day and practiced the 365 lessons from the Workbook for Student.  Committing to a discipline, one day, two pages and one lesson, he finished the Course after one year.  As he wanted to fully experience and understand the Course, immediately, he started from page one again.  He continues to read the Course regularly since 2005.


By request, he started to share the principles from the book and practiced its philosophy of right-mindedness thinking.  Miraculously, opportunities knocked.  Doors opened.  He was invited to speak at many seminars and conducted various workshops.  As he continues to work passionately, an invitation to teach the Course online fell right into his lap.  He was invited by the producer of, a local internet radio station to host two regular shows, A Course In Miracles for Work-Life and Freedom Speaks.  

Since 2012, the sharing from the Course can be listened online anywhere in the world, any time.  The talk shows are also downloadable from iTunes.  The ideas from the talk shows have stirred a lot of awareness, leading listeners to realize that there is always "another way" to doing business and building relationships.  Through recommendation, his regular sharing online has been turned into a monthly session called "Living ACIM" (previously known as "Business With ACIM") which is being organized by groups of interested individuals in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


He is the author of the book Invite Freedom Home. The book is the #1 Bestseller on Popular Bookstore’s Self-Enrichment category.  The book expounds the breaking down of limiting beliefs and travel the world as you please - as you would do life - no plans, no itinerary and no idea.  Amazingly, business flourishes and life flows.  

In this debut effort, Chee Wah takes you through his journeys from his hometown in Malaysia to the lost civilization of the Incas in Peru; from the ruins of Angkor Temples in Cambodia to the sacred Mount Sinai in Egypt, from the revered Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal to the romantic backwaters of Kerala in Southern India, he relates his magical adventures traveling with the Power of Creation.

In 2013, Mr Sam Low, Chairman of Edmark International, commissioned Chee Wah to write his book to explain the company's culture - the 4 Pillars of Success. The manuscript took three years to complete. The chapters that took the most time to write were about "Love" and "Compassion". A lot of research and examples needed to be used to explain why and how to do business and sales using the concepts of "Love" and "Compassion". Finally, in 2016, the book was published to critical acclaim. The book - 4 Pillars of Success - Personal and Business Success based on the principles of Gratitude, Abundance, Love and Compassion - is available in almost all of the offices where Edmark has its presence. Edmark (a Malaysian company) is currently operating in 28 countries, where 17 are in Africa.



He writes and produces events for many corporations including an Image Consulting Firm and the largest spa centre operator in Malaysia.  He wrote nomination proposals for International Awards and helped an International Convention Centre to garner the top honors for the World's Best Business Destination Award 2012.  

Since 2008, he has served on the marketing committee for 10 companies covering industries in massage and spa, consulting and training programs, F&B and food products, cosmetics and skincare, female hygiene products, finance and IT.   Contracts are effective for six months to one year.  The one-year contracts are renewed annually.  

With his worldwide traveling experiences and his passion in connecting with people, the marketing tone is always simple and conversational.  He understands that customers are the people who are reaching out to know their suppliers, sellers, distributors and business owners.  To read them, customers need information about the company and the products/services to be clear, precise and simple to understand.

Writing, using words, needs to also cater to the customers needs.  Being a customer himself, he conceptualises and writes contents for company websites, updating social media pages, creating marketing materials that common people would want to read.   Touching base with the customers, he organised events that drew throngs.  He uses words to create businesses, consolidating ideas with razor sharp vision and mission statements.  Making it even more effective, he dwells deep into the inner calling of the drivers who set the directions of the company.  Collectively, company’s core values are emphasized to achieve customer- and staff-centric satisfactions.   


He re-defined retirement when he was 23.  Instead of believing retirement means having good financial standing and take a long rest from work, he turned his passion in writing into a string of businesses.  And how could you retire when you love waking up every morning passionately doing the works you like.  Better yet, get to do the things he loves and getting paid for the consultancy works... at any age. 

As Content Consultant, writing successfully for so many business owners and getting to travel as leisurely as his heart calls him to do, he has created a lifestyle where friends envied, “You are living a life many would only think about…”

He speaks candidly about our innate gift.  Sharing the idea of freedom to live our life’s purpose.  And feel free to bring to light the gift within and experience your inner gift fully.  

He practices meditation, creating a peaceful haven for himself regularly.  He practices Ba-duan-jing Qigong (Eight Silk Brocade Qigong) and illuminates his chakras through the exercise.

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