How I can help?

How are you creating your website? Do you do 'copy and paste' from foreign websites? Or do you create your own original content? Every business has a brand story to tell. Are you telling your brand story with words you understand? I can help. I can turn your thoughts, dreams and visions into words. I'm a Content Consultant who, since 2008, sat with more than ten marketing committees from various companies and new startups to help them create marketing contents for websites and promotional materials. At the same time, creating events to boost sales. This is the site to get to know how I think and write.

This is my work. This is what I like to do - writing.

Your Profile

Just like an ad where customers get to know a product, a well written profile gets people to know who you are and your work. Create a powerful introduction, write about your experiences, how you solved a problem and the ways you helped a company. Show, don’t tell.

Your Company profile

Your potential clients don’t know your company. You’ve got to tell them what you did, your growth, your future and most importantly, your achievements. Highlight some outstanding jobs you’ve done. Describe the process, not just the outcome.

Your Vision & Mission

Show them your future. What do you envision? What do you see 10, 20, 30 years from now? It is not how big your company will become or what is your company’s annual growth. It’s never about the monies you’re going to earn, but the thoughts of a future that will benefit the people you diligently serve.

Your Core Values

Show your potential clients how you operate. How do you lead? What will be your team’s problem solving techniques? Think about your team as your children, how would you like them to behave, to work and to respond to challenges. That’s what people want to know – the values you instil and uphold.

My Awesome Clients