You have not only been fully created, but have also been created perfect. ~ ACIM T2.I.3

Have you been saying that if you could be slimmer, you would be more beautiful? Have you complained about your work, thinking that if only you were with a multi-national corporation, your job would have been recognized? If you were somewhere else, you would work better, feel better, there will be more choices, you would be …

You are not satisfied with everything you have.  You are not satisfied for being given these parents, these brothers and sisters, this working condition and living in this country.  Everything sucks.  And yet, everything is just perfect … created for you, by you!

As a salesman, you are ready with the sales brochure, prepared the power point, rehearsed your presentation, you are all in for a good show.  When you walk into your client’s office, you are told that you will be meeting the CEO, you freaked out.  You are worried that you have not done enough, you are anxious.  Why?

Instead of feeling small, why not think of the value you put in your work?  And know that you have done your best.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Go on and get in with the sales presentation.

Everything happens just right for the situation.  What if you did not close the deal?  That was perfect too.  Were you lazy?  Complacent?  So, your English was bad, your presentation flopped, that was perfect.  Now, you learn to buck up.  Is it time for you to pick up a new skill?  Perhaps to sign up a course on presentation skills or is it to attend an English class?   You decide.

With this idea that everyone and everything is created perfect, you will take every opportunity to look at life the way It Is.  Not the way it should be, could be or would be.  Instead of sulking about your life, know that you can make a decision to change.  Now is a good time for change because today is perfect!

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