Stay Upbeat – “How to stay motivated working Freelance?” (EP02 of 6)

Stay Upbeat – “How to stay motivated working Freelance?” (EP02 of 6)

Many people think that working freelance means you’re free – free to wake up anytime you want, work only when you feel like it and perhaps, go on extended holidays and work in remote places all the time. So wrong!

Working freelance actually needs more discipline and a strong back bone more than when you are working in a regimented office condition. To make working freelance a viable business, set yourself an ‘office’ time and, as in an office, time for lunch and tea break too.

For me, my working time, even when I am at home, is from 9am to 5pm. The only difference is that I don’t have to join the traffic pile-out when people are going to work and when they leave their offices. You’ve got to stick to a set working hour at home.

Most importantly, set yourself a healthy routine too. For me, by 5pm, I will prepare to have at least 1-hour of exercise before I prepare my dinner. Then, sleep early and have a good start the next morning, again at 9am.

Keep healthy and always keep to a routine. Then, the good behaviour of a diligent Executive will be maintained. Stay upbeat, don’t ever think that your potential clients never notice. Staying upbeat has its advantages, you will appreciate it when your clients praise you of your attentiveness.

Watch a 52-second video to STAY UPBEAT, click here.

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